Google’s AI is no smarter than a 6-year-old, study says

Google’s AlphaGo may have unseated Ke Jie as the Go world champion this year, but the artificial intelligence behind AlphaGo is actually no smarter than a 6-year-old child.

A study published Saturday showed Google’s artificial intelligence technology scored best out of 50 systems that Chinese researchers tested against an AI scale they created, CNBC reported Monday. With a IQ score of 47.28, Google’s AI was almost twice as smart as Apple virtual assistant Siri, which scored 23.94.

AI systems have developed so quickly that they’ve been able to act as assistants, take exams and even outperform us at strategy games. But the new results may downplay the concerns of people uneasy about AI’s rapid progression.

To evaluate how smart an intelligent system is (or has become), its ability to “acquire, master, create and feedback knowledge” needs to be tested, wrote the researchers. In 2014, the IQ of 50 AI systems was rated. The systems included Google’s AI, Siri and Chinese search engine Baidu. Three humans, ages 18, 12 and 6, were also rated. When the researchers tested the AI systems again in 2016, they found that Google was the smartest and improved the fastest (from an IQ of 26.5 to 47.28), but it wasn’t enough to beat even a 6-year-old who came in with a score of 55.5.

Apple and Google did not immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment.

Reference: CNET

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