AI and Family are here to Stay!

Artificial Intelligence, with what falls under its Umbrella, is here to stay. Just right of the bat, there is no backing away from AI anymore. This is a fact, we as experts and humans need to understand and embrace.

AI is no longer a revolution in the making, it is actually taking place and serving different business sectors since long and shall get further adopted when it conveys more “Trust”.

The way things are evolving with AI indicates that finding something that can not be performed by AI shall be a very tough task. Let us take a look at few of the simplest use cases:

  1.  AI can compose Music

Taryn Southern recently released a new single “Break Free” that is composed using an open source AI platform called Amper Music. You can read more about this via this link or watch it below.


What strikes about this song is that it sounds  “normal” and if one didn’t read about it to know that it was composed using AI, it would highly unlikely to note that it is not just another song.

2. AI can write Books, including the GOT book number 6

AI is writing the next ‘Game of Thrones’ book. This is another striking title considering what GOT is to many fans around the world.


The fact is the one of those fans “Zack Thoutt”, who happens to be a software engineer, created this AI then fed it with the published 5 GoT books to generate predictions on what will happen next. You can read more via this link.


3. AI can develop Games

As demonstrated by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology, AI that can recreate a game engine simply by watching gameplay. In this case, AI watched ‘Super Mario Bros’ gameplay for two minutes then created its own version of the game.


Naturally the result is not the perfect clone of the original game. But the researchers believe that training AI with few additional videos can make the result pretty close. You can read more at this link


AI in now involved in our everyday life whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not. The three cases highlighted above does not discuss supernatural activities, on the contrary it discusses activities we perform everyday like listening to music or reading a book or playing a game. We will still perform those activities and similar ones but the difference is now that the “Author” can longer be granted as “Human”.

We have not yet highlighted use cases of AI that are of more significant “life changing” magnitude, those will come in the consecutive upcoming series.

Finally, we must stress that “The AI family is here to stay” and we must learn how to adapt and fit in.

We must define “controls” on AI, controls must not be to slow down AI but more of protective controls aimed towards minimizing misuse of AI to fulfill suicidal inclinations some people may have.

By, Rimah Harb – @harbrimah


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